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5 Best Spell Checkers For Ultra-Careful Writers In 2021

On the lookout for the best and reliable spell checker of 2021? If not, then you should be. After all the late nights and the hard work you put into your writing- one silly spelling error- can undermine it all.

Try hard as you might; it is impossible to catch all the spelling and typo errors in your papers. There’s always something that slips through the cracks. Even the most experienced writers make mistakes. These minute errors seem to hide and only show up after delivering that important assignment or sending an email. Terrible, right? 

Luckily, spelling and grammar apps will check your work, improve clarity, and fix any mistakes in your paper. Here, we have listed the best spell checkers of 2021 available for various platforms and devices you can consider using. So, strap yourself, and let’s get started!


  1. Grammarly 

Grammarly is well-known for being an all-rounded impeccable app that can assist you in writing assignment for university remarkably. The app is available online through the website and also incorporates extensions for multiple browsers. This tool helps you in checking several types of errors apart from spelling and typos, like grammar and punctuation, plagiarism, conventions, and writing style.


  1. Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor is a spell checker that offers feedback to keep your writing easy to read and offers you much-needed report writing help. It aims for clear and simple sentence structures. The app labels complex sentences as either ‘very hard to read’ or ‘hard to read’. In this way, you can rewrite overly complex sentences that can trip your readers.


  1. Paper Rater 

Paper Rater is a free grammar and spelling checking resource that makes use of data science and AI to enhance your papers. If you often find yourself searching for paper help experts, you can consider giving this tool a try. Online submissions are analyzed in real time with returning results within the flash of an eye.


  1. CorrectMe 

CorrectMe is an all-in-one spell checker and thesaurus software that you can use to correct your papers anytime as per your convenience. It also incorporates a reliable built-in synonym checker to find different words for your search term.


  1. Speller

Do you ever feel the need to use a spell check on the go? Speller is an exemplary app that combines multiple sources into the app, making for easy spellings on the move. Speller checkers also checks the spelling of both English and Spanish words in one simple and easy-to-use interface. Just search for a word,and the tool will inform you if it’s correct.


Finally, remember no spell checker or any kind of tool for that matter can make you a better writer. But, each of these tools will help you clean any mistakes and enhance the phrasing to sound your best no matter what you are writing. Here’s wishing all the luck!

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5 Best Spell Checkers For Ultra-Careful Writers In 2021