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50w Street Light Housing Factory Introduces The Use Process Of Street Lights

50w Street Light Housing  Factory introduces whether LED street lights can truly achieve the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and long life in practical applications. The key is to solve the three aspects of heat dissipation and protection structure design, constant current drive circuit design and secondary light distribution optical design. problem.

1. Design of heat dissipation and protective structure
The heat dissipation problem of LED lamps will be a long-standing problem. The heat dissipation of LED street lamps is one of the key problems that need to be solved. It is not only directly related to the luminous efficiency of LEDs in actual work, but also because LED street lamps require high brightness, large heat generation, and the outdoor use environment is relatively harsh, if the heat dissipation is not good, it will be directly Causes LED rapid aging and lower stability. Road lamps used outdoors should also have a certain level of dust and water resistance (IP). Good IP protection often hinders the heat dissipation of the LED. Solving these two contradictory but both problems is an important aspect that should be paid attention to when designing road lamps.

2. Constant current drive circuit design
The power system of LED street lights is also different from traditional light sources. The constant current drive power required by LEDs is a cornerstone to ensure its normal operation. Simple switching power solutions often cause damage to LED devices. How to make a group of tightly compressed LEDs work safely and reliably is also an indicator for investigating LED street lights.

The requirement of the LED for the drive circuit is to ensure the characteristics of constant current output. Because the junction voltage is relatively small when the LED is working in the forward direction, the constant LED drive current is guaranteed to basically ensure the constant output power of the LED. For the current situation of unstable power supply voltage in my country, it is very necessary for the driving circuit of the road lamp LED to have a constant current output characteristic, which can ensure the constant light output and prevent the LED from overpowering.

3. Secondary optical design
Secondary optical design is an important technology that determines the light distribution curve, output light efficiency, uniformity, and glare index of LED street lights. In terms of secondary optical design, the radiation forms of LEDs include Lambertian, side-shooting, bat-wing and concentrating types. In the field of road lighting, based on design experience, Lambertian and bat wing are more suitable. Through secondary optical design, the illumination range and luminosity curve of LED can meet the needs of road lighting.

Through the above introduction, Energy Saving Street Light Housing  Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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50w Street Light Housing Factory Introduces The Use Process Of Street Lights