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Anti-Covid clothing, will it become a trend?

The fashion industry joins the campaign against the coronavirus. Javier Simorra, a Spanish firm, has designed a winter collection that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, protecting us from possible contagion.

Since the pandemic came into our lives, the textile sector has tried to contribute to the fight against the virus. They bet during the quarantine to manufacture protective suits for health workers or masks for the population. Now a designer presents a collection of winter clothes that deactivates the virus.

Javier Simorra has announced his anti-COVID garments, a series of jackets, raincoats, and pants that are made with materials capable of killing the virus in a short time to protect us from it. El Corte Inglés has joined this initiative and will sell the garments in its stores from September.

On the Simorra website, we find several garments in different colors: a raincoat, a cape, sweatshirts, sports pants and shirts created to act as a barrier between the virus and us. All these garments are the result of a research project in collaboration with other countries.

Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan are involved in this project promoted by the Simorra laboratory that seeks to develop garments to improve people's lives. It is undeniable that the priority right now is to stop the virus and that is the goal that has been proposed in Urban Project where they have found the textile formula that inactivates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

The new collection is manufactured with fabrics approved and in accordance with European regulations and they have passed the effectiveness tests to which they have been subjected in " various laboratories of international reputation under the relevant ISO standards ", Javier Simorra explains from the brand.

The key to nullifying viruses and bacteria are the fabrics with which the garments are made. We are talking about synthetic materials such as polyester that allow the compound of chemicals that are applied to kill the virus to integrate better. Its effectiveness is greater than in organic fabrics such as cotton or linen.

Eduardo Dimas, CEO of Javier Simorra , explains that " it is a compound that deactivates a coronavirus protein, with an effectiveness of almost 100% in the first 30 washes ." This is mainly the drawback of these garments, which, like fabric masks, is only effective and protects us from the virus during the first 30 washes.

The fabric masks lose their effectiveness between 5 and 10 washes, then they must be thrown away and buy others. However, the masks usually have a price that on average those 10 uses are quite cheap. In the case of Simorra garments, their quality and the cost of researching the fabrics establish prices that are not suitable for all pockets.

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Anti-Covid clothing, will it become a trend?