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Classification of printed fabrics

Printed fabrics are processed by high-temperature printing and dyeing of grey cloth and printed paper. It was very popular in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and reached its peak in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Once loved by people, it was used as a dowry package and a must-have for clothes.

Patterns, textures and patterns on printed fabrics, Walan, pattern creativity sharing platform.

According to the different process equipment of printing, it can be divided into:

1. Hand-printed cloth. Including batik, tie-dye, tie flower, hand-painted, handmade platen printing and so on.

Paper printing

Paper printing

2. Machine printed cloth:

① Roller printing.

②Screen printing. (Including flat screen printing, rotary screen printing)

③Transfer calico.

④Other printed fabrics: inkjet printing, electrostatic printing, hot stamping, burnout, anti-dyeing, discharge, flocking printing, etc.

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Classification of printed fabrics