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Each Agricultural Adjuvant Has A Specific Function

In the processing and application of pesticide dosage forms, the general term for various auxiliary materials used, although it is a type of adjuvant, it is generally not biologically active in itself, but it is an indispensable additive in the formulation of the dosage form or when it is applied.

Each pesticide adjuvant has a specific function: some function to dilute the original drug; some can help the original drug to be evenly dispersed in the preparation; some can prevent the droplets from agglomerating and becoming larger; some can increase the wetting of the particles Sex, adhesion or permeability; some can prevent the decomposition of active ingredients; some can increase the safety of application, etc. In short, the function of pesticide adjuvants is nothing more than improving the physical or chemical properties of pesticides, maximizing the effectiveness of the drugs or helping to safely apply the drugs. Pesticide adjuvants have evolved with the advancement of dosage form processing and application techniques. Early inorganic pesticides rarely used adjuvants. Since the development of organic pesticides, various adjuvants have also developed. With the diversification of dosage forms and the improvement of performance, adjuvants have also been developed in multiple varieties and series to meet the needs of processing different pesticide types and different dosage forms, and special formulation processing techniques have emerged.


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Each Agricultural Adjuvant Has A Specific Function