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Freight elevators need regular maintenance

The freight elevator is frequently used and needs to be checked daily and maintained regularly. Only in this way can it really bring convenience to people's social life and improve work efficiency.

1. For newly installed elevators, the quality guarantee period of the elevator manufacturer is first (usually 1-2 years).

2. The daily maintenance of the elevator should be carried out by a professional team).

3. Maintenance should implement "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations", "Elevator Supervision and Inspection Regulations", "Elevator Maintenance Rules" and relevant national standards, industry standards and local standards.

4. Maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis and scheduled by personnel. It is divided into half-month warranty, monthly warranty and annual maintenance. The contents of various types of maintenance are different, but they must all be done, and there must be detailed records and the signature of both parties.

5. Once the elevator fails, the maintenance unit must arrive at the scene within the specified time.

WEBSTAR emphasizes the implementation of modern management and approved with ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS 18001 certification. With quality products and perfect service, our products are widely spread in China domestic and also cover Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and Europa,... etc.

For details, please contact: freight lift manufacturers.

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Freight elevators need regular maintenance