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Harry Potter could return in serial form to HBO Max

WarnerMedia is known to be urgently looking for writers, screenwriters, ideas, and just about anything with which to launch Harry Potter on a streaming service, which would be HBO Max.

Let's recap a moment, HBO Max is part of WarnerMedia Entertainment, which in turn, WarnerMedia owns the rights to Harry Potter.
The Harry Potter saga is one of the best known today and has been liked by different generations, unlike other sagas such as The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, which have a very specific audience.

To tell the truth, Harry Potter has a lot of potential given the great legion of fans behind it and, strangely, it is not being exploited like other sagas. For example, Star Wars has been on the screen almost uninterruptedly for several decades, and now on Disney + there are series from the very current Star Wars universe such as The Mandalorian and a multitude of merchandise, games, and even augmented reality with mobile phones.

So it is quite strange that they have not already done it with this saga that we have followed for years and that to this day there is still hope and jokes with the Hogwarts letter.
Let's remember that this franchise raised more than 7 billion dollars worldwide. So, more or less, this spin-off in the form of a series is expected to be successful too, if it ends up being made official at some point.

But it is not that they have not done it, it is that they have not achieved exactly what they wanted, because the producer has been since the last Harry Potter movie came out back in 2011 trying to create a continuation, a side story, or something similar.
The universe itself of the saga itself provides several ideas without having to put Harry Potter at the center of the story. See the Fantastic Animals saga that already has two films released and we are waiting for the third.

Harry Potter is one of Warner's most important pieces of intellectual property, so it was a matter of time before this moment arrived and a possible Harry Potter series was simmering.
The writer JK Rowling is the owner of the Harry Potter franchise, and others of the Fantastic Animals saga is a producer and co-writer. And therefore, she would also be the owner of this Harry Potter Spin-off on HBO Max. So one way or another, she always wins.

But we say it again, they are just rumors, there is no date, there are not even characters, no ideas, or anything. It is just a leak with some weight that indicates that in the not too distant future the Harry Potter universe could return in series form and would be on HBO Max.

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Harry Potter could return in serial form to HBO Max