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How to Write Love Letters

Love isn’t only about your feelings. It’s also about how you make them known. To write love letters is to creatively express what spoken words may fail to convey. Read on for right—and wrong—ways to pen your passion.


We’ve all become used to relying on technology to communicate with others. Emails, texts, tweets, etc. are quick and almost effortless ways to share our thoughts and feelings. Plus, nobody even expects you to be detailed or creative with those. But, when it comes to online dating and relationships, “quick and easy” seldom works as well as “detailed and creative.”

Why Write?

You’ve got a million reasons you love the man in your life. But does HE know (not hope or assume) what those reasons are? How so? For you to write him love letters is a brilliant idea for two main reasons:

(a.) Letters are concrete and touchable records of your feelings. (To men, things you can hold in your hands seem more significant than mere spoken words)
(b.) Letters convince him that he’s worth the time and effort to you. (To men, self-sacrifice equals love.)

Also, putting your thoughts and feelings into a letter makes you able:

  • To Be More Specific & Thorough

The process itself gives you plenty of time to reflect on exactly what you want to convey —but without having to get it out “perfectly” in one shot (like speaking requires).

  • To Deepen Self-Disclosure & Intimacy

Writing allows you to reveal to him previously hidden parts of your personality and feelings that may seldom be displayed in regular conversational interactions (i.e. more of your vulnerability, gratitude, admiration, mischievousness, passion, etc.). That’s how the bond of intimacy between you grows deeper.

  • To Custom-Fit Your Words

Every man is unique, with characteristics (i.e. his personality, love language, intellect, etc.) which are his alone. Writing allows you to hand-pick your words and ideas to ensure he’ll understand and appreciate your message to the fullest.

How to Write Love Letters

To reap you the benefits described above, incorporate these proven tips:

  • Set the Mood

Keep a favorite photo of your mate before you, for inspiration. To further spark your creativity, set your iPod to a playlist of songs with special meaning to you both. The words aren’t flowing yet? Prep yourself by reading a few of Shakespeare’s love sonnets.

  • Opt for Elegance

With a love letter, handwritten beats typed every time. Aside from the fact that it underscores your willingness to sacrifice your time, it’s also lends a uniquely personal touch. Choose a quality stationary and pen (ink in his favorite color?). Avoid an overly feminine look, with flowery or heart- shaped graphics in excess.

  • Be Specific

Write the way you talk. Authenticity trumps eloquence, so stay away from clichés and vague generalizations. How to do it:
Before you write love letters, always ask yourself: “What’s my specific, bottom line point I want to express to him?” Boil that idea down into one concise “theme” sentence. Then, as you write, shape every word and phrase to further detail that well-defined theme.

The real secret of how to write love letters is in sharing your observations of his special qualities that you most admire.

For example:
What caused you to fall in love with him?
What do you admire about him that he doesn’t even admire about himself?
What is your favorite memory with him?
What is the most loving he’s done for you?
What has changed most in your life since he came into it?

  • Remember Less is More

Say a lot, but keep it brief and beautiful (ideally no more than two pages). Longer letters, make him feel pressured to process and retain too much at once. Never forget this essential “how-to”: Write love letters as if only for special occasions—NOT with predictable frequency. Space them at least 30 days apart.

  • Proofread. Proofread. Proofread

Misspelled words and faulty grammar lessen the impact of a heart-felt letter. Feel free to do your first draft on the computer, so you can use spell-check for errors. After correcting, proceed with the handwritten final draft.

*Dating Tips for Women*

Writing love letters is NOT about composing best-selling literature. It IS about sharing your sincere thoughts and feelings with the man you’ve grown to love and admire.

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How to Write Love Letters