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How to choose luggage fabrics?

The luggage we usually see in the market, whether it is the style design or the use of luggage fabric, are all in various ways. For example, some of our more common canvas bags, leather bags or nylon cloth bags and so on. Different people have different preferences for fabrics and styles.

First of all, luggage fabrics must have the following characteristics, one is the overall softness, and secondly, luggage also has higher requirements for the wear resistance of the fabric. Moreover, with the continuous development of production technology, many fabric bags are actually waterproof. It is precise because of this that this fabric has also been widely used. The following are the four common types of luggage fabrics in our lives.

1. PVC/PU leather: People are used to calling artificial leather produced with PVC resin as raw material PVC artificial leather, artificial leather produced with PU resin as raw material is called PU artificial leather, and artificial leather produced with PU resin and non-woven fabric as raw material is called PU synthetic leather.

2. Nylon/Oxford cloth: Oxford cloth is a new type of fabric with various functions and a wide range of uses. At present, the main products on the market include lattice, full stretch, nylon, and toggle.

3. Non-woven fabrics: Non-woven fabrics can be divided into spunlaced non-woven fabrics, thermally bonded non-woven fabrics, pulp air-laid non-woven fabrics, wet-laid non-woven fabrics, spun-bonded nonwoven fabrics, Meltblown non-woven fabrics, needle punched non-woven fabrics and stitch-bonded non-woven fabrics.

4. Denim/Canvas: Denim is made of pure cotton indigo-dyed warp yarns and natural weft yarns, which are interwoven with a three-on-one right twill weave. Generally, it can be divided into three categories: light, medium, and heavy.

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How to choose luggage fabrics?