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How to define universal joint bearings

U-Joint With Pressed Bearings refers to the mechanical structure that realizes the power transmission of different shafts by using ball connection, and is a very important component of automobile bearings. The combination of universal joint and transmission shaft is called universal joint transmission device.

In automobile transmission systems and other systems, in order to achieve the transmission of power between the rotating shafts where the axes intersect or the relative position often changes, a universal transmission device must be used. It is generally composed of a universal joint and a rolling mill bearing drive shaft, and sometimes has an intermediate support. It is mainly used for the universal joint, the front drive shaft, and the middle full-filled roller bearing to support the transmission and drive axle of the engine front and rear wheel drive cars. between. When the distance between the transmission and the drive joint bearing bridge is relatively long, the transmission shaft should be divided into two or even multiple sections, and an intermediate support should be added. Due to the deformation of the frame, it will cause the two transmission parts whose positions between the axes change. Between the transfer case and the drive axle or between the drive axle and the drive axle of a multi-axis driven automobile is between the engine and the transmission. Between cars with independent suspension and differential self-aligning ball bearings. The power output of the car between the differential of the steering drive axle and the wheels is equipped with a U-Joint With 4 Grooved Round Bearings and steering control mechanism.

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How to define universal joint bearings