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Hydraulic car lift is widely used in many fields

As a special auxiliary equipment for cargo loading and unloading, hydraulic car lift has been widely used in various industries and places. The height of the front end of the dock can be adjusted according to the height of the truck compartment. The cargo can be loaded and unloaded into the carriage very smoothly by car lift, and the whole truck loading and unloading of the cargo can be realized by only one person. Efficiency.

So what are the characteristics of fixed car lift that can be widely used in the market?

1. The fixed car lift lap board and the platform are connected by a whole long axis, which has high strength and good reliability.

2. Imported seals are used to ensure good sealing of the hydraulic system, imported hydraulic pump valves, stable operation and long service life;

3. The countertop adopts a high-strength "U" beam design to ensure that the countertop does not deform under high load.

4. The countertop adopts high-quality anti-skid board to prevent accidental injury caused by the toe sticking into the platform.

5. Single button control, simple and convenient operation, optional wheel stop block to prevent the vehicle from leaving the platform prematurely.

6. The use of high-corrosion paint has better rust resistance.

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Hydraulic car lift is widely used in many fields