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Hydraulic elevator saves more building space

In the current home elevator market, several types of elevators, such as traction elevators, screw elevators, and hydraulic elevators, have their own merits and have their own fans. Specific to a certain type of elevator, which conditions are applicable and what are the advantages? Let’s talk about hydraulic home elevator today.

The early home elevators were basically hydraulic elevators, especially in developed countries in Europe and America, most villa owners would install a hydraulic home elevator. If the domestic villa industry wanted to install a home elevator 15 years ago, hydraulic elevators were the best and only option.

Advantages of hydraulic elevator:

1. Low civil structure requirements. The hydraulic elevator does not require a machine room. It only needs a load-bearing wall. The height of the top floor is above 2600mm and can be installed. The pit can also be very shallow, with a minimum of 100mm. Due to the advantage of low civil construction requirements for hydraulic home elevators, it was introduced to China 15 years ago. It quickly occupied most of the home elevator market.

2. No speeding out of control. There will be no rushing or squatting. As long as the mechanical structure is designed reasonably and the installation is reliable, the safety factor of hydraulic elevators is relatively high, and the hydraulic elevator can use the backup battery to realize the self-rescue function of trapped people, and trap people in case of elevator failure or power outage When pressing the emergency button inside the car, the hydraulic oil after connecting the drain valve circuit slowly returns to the oil tank, and the elevator slowly descends by its own weight.

3. Save building space. Compared with traction elevators, which have counterweights, hydraulic elevators have no counterweight and only have two tracks. Therefore, it saves building space. It can be installed at the stairway position 1100*1100.

Hydraulic elevator is a supplement of the traction type elevator which to fulfill customer and scenario demands, Webstar hydraulic technology based on the edge design concept, as an innovated solution to industry, support our customer on making their most ultimate expectation for a vertical transportation method.

For more product information, you can click the link below: villa elevator.

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Hydraulic elevator saves more building space