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Innovative Silicone Manufacturer Introduces The Knowledge Of Silicone

Innovative Silicone manufacturer introduces the connection between Silicone and acne?

Silicone is a substance derived from silica (sand is silica). Silicone has unique flow characteristics that make it extremely slippery, and in various forms, it feels like silk on the skin, imparts emollient properties to the skin, and even when the skin becomes wet A water binder that holds well. In other forms, it is also widely used for wound healing and improving the appearance of scars.

Silicone and acne
The claim that no form of silicone will cause or exacerbate acne has not been confirmed in published studies, and there have been no reports of silicone irritating or "suffocating" the skin. Almost all of these claims are based on myth or anecdotal evidence, which is not the best way to determine the safety or efficacy of any cosmetic ingredient.

The above content is organized and shared by Silicone Water Repellent manufacturer, hoping to help those in need.

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Innovative Silicone Manufacturer Introduces The Knowledge Of Silicone