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Ninghai Ethan Lighting Wishes Everyone A Smooth Career

When Christmas is coming, Ninghai Ethan Lighting everyone a happy life and a smooth career.

The stars in the sky are filled with my Christmas Eve prayer; the beating candlelight flickers the wish of Christmas Eve; the long bells convey my New Year’s blessings, and a greeting gently for you: I wish you happiness, peace, happy.

Ninghai Ethan Lighting Technology Co,.Ltd. is an aluminum die-casting LED street lamp mold development, design, production and sales company. The address is located in Ninghai Mould City, Ninghai County, Zhejiang Province. It has more than 7 years experience in the design and production of aluminum die-cast lamp housing.

We have our own mold design. Division, die casting machine, spray line, assembly workshop and various supporting facilities.

Welcome to visit the company's official website to learn more

ninghaiyuchen · 184 days ago
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Ninghai Ethan Lighting Wishes Everyone A Smooth Career