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Outdoor fabric supply

Outdoor fabric is a kind of fabric containing special ingredients, which has warmth retention, waterproof and moisture permeability, antibacterial and deodorant properties and so on. Let us take a closer look at the characteristics of outdoor fabrics.

1. Warmth retention

Although the warmth retention is closely related to the thickness of the fabric, outdoor sports do not allow clothing to be too heavy, so it is necessary to keep warm and light to meet the special requirements of outdoor sports clothing. The most common method is to add special ceramic powder containing chromium oxide, magnesium oxide, zirconium oxide, etc. to the spinning solution of synthetic fibers such as polyester.

2. Waterproof and moisture permeability

Sports will emit a lot of sweat, and it is inevitable to encounter wind and rain outdoors. This is a contradiction in itself: it is necessary to prevent rain and snow from getting wet, but also to discharge the sweat from the body in time.

Water-proof and moisture-permeable clothing uses the surface tension characteristics of water to coat the fabric with a chemical coating of PTFE that enhances the surface tension of the fabric, so that the water droplets can be tightened as much as possible without spreading or infiltrating the surface of the fabric. Pores in the fabric weave.

3. Antibacterial and deodorant

Due to the characteristics of exercise, sweat and sebaceous glands secrete a lot. In outdoor conditions, it is impossible to change clothes frequently. Under suitable temperature and humidity, microorganisms will multiply, which will cause undesirable odors and itching.

Therefore, regular outdoor sportswear is chemically finished with antibacterial and deodorant. The finishing method is generally to fix the bactericidal organic quaternary amine type, imidazoline type surfactant or heavy metal ions such as silver and copper on the fiber through resin and cross-linking agent.

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Outdoor fabric supply