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Raw material of NdFeB Magnets

Neodymium magnet is also called NdFeB magnet. This kind of magnet is the strongest permanent magnet and the most commonly used rare earth magnet. It is widely used in electronic products, such as hard drives, mobile phones, earphones, and battery-powered tools. But what are neodymium magnets made of? Do you know? In this article, we will take a closer look at what are the components of NdFeB magnets and their proportion.

As we all know, the third-generation rare-earth NdFeB magnets are extremely powerful magnets among contemporary magnets and are widely used. Its main components are metal neodymium, pure iron, and boron-iron alloy. In order to improve the coercivity, you can add the metal dysprosium (sometimes aluminum, cobalt, praseodymium, dysprosium, terbium, gallium, etc.). The general expression is RE2TM14B (RE=Nd,Pr,Dy TM=Fe,Co).

The Components of NdFeB Magnets and Their Proportion:

1. Rare earth metal neodymium accounts for 29%-32.5%;

2. The metallic element iron accounts for 63.95-68.65%;

3. Non-metal element boron accounts for 1.1-1.2%;

4. A small amount of dysprosium that accounts for 0.6-1.2%;

5. Niobium accounts for 0.3-0.5%, and aluminum accounts for 0.3-0.5%;

6. Copper element accounts for 0.05-0.15%;

The quality of the above raw materials will directly affect the magnetic properties of the neodymium-iron-boron permanent magnet.

Now, many magnet manufacturers now also provide you with NdFeB magnets, but due to their different production capacity and processing methods, the proportion of ingredients is still slightly different.

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Raw material of NdFeB Magnets