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Testing method for waterproof performance of waterproof Oxford cloth fabric

At present, the most commonly used inspection methods for waterproof Oxford cloth fabrics at home and abroad mainly include the water vapor inverted cup method of the American Society for Testing and Materials Japanese Industrial Standards.

All coated or laminated fabrics are fixed on the support frame with rubber rings, and the coated or laminated side faces outward. The installation of the sample support system is based on the ability to float in a tank with a water temperature of 23°C. After testing the quality of the test cup with the film in the upward direction, quickly turn the test cup upside down and place it into the sample support frame. This assembly method is placed in a constant temperature 30℃±2℃ device. After 15 minutes, take the test cup out of the thermostat, turn it upside down, and measure its weight. The above are the most practical methods for testing waterproof Oxford cloth fabrics at home and abroad. Most of the waterproof Oxford cloth fabrics that pass these test methods can achieve waterproof and moisture-proof effects.

The United States has always been a leader in the waterproof fabric industry, and the country’s market is also very large. The test data of this method is relatively high, and the ASTM standard has naturally become the most commonly used method. Most customers now use this method for testing. The test principle of the water vapor inverted cup method is to cover the fabric to be tested on a vapor-permeable cup containing distilled water, fix it and turn it upside down, weigh it with a top-loading balance with an accuracy of 0.001g, and place it in the wind tunnel row. on. Before the cup enters the environmental chamber with a temperature of 23°C, relative humidity of 50%, and a wind speed of 2.5m/s for weighing, record the temperature and relative humidity of the environment. The weight of each cup and the weighing time is recorded. Record the weight at 3h, 6h, 9h, 13h, 23h, 26h, and 30h, and use the formula wvt=24*△m/(s*t) to calculate the water vapor transmission rate. The average value of 6 samples is used as the test result, and the average value is multiplied by 24 to convert to the result in g/m2*24h.

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Testing method for waterproof performance of waterproof Oxford cloth fabric