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The Manufacturing Advantages Of Hexamethyldisiloxane

The method for preparing Hexamethyldisiloxane includes the following steps: adding chlorotrimethylsilane dropwise to water for hydrolysis reaction, separating the lower layer of concentrated acid water after the completion of the reaction, washing and filtering the upper oil phase to obtain a crude product and refining it. The product obtains high-quality hexamethyldisiloxane.
According to this method, hexamethyldisiloxane is prepared by hydrolyzing chlorotrimethylsilane. In the whole preparation process, the use of amphenari was avoided, the production of oily solid waste and the production of neutralized wastewater were avoided. The diluted acid water obtained by washing the product can be used directly. A concentrated hydrochloric acid solution with a mass fraction of hydrogen chloride exceeding 30% can be obtained.
The method can be applied to the preparation of high-end products, including organic silicon products in contact with the human body, cleaning precision electronic instruments and outer space equipment, etc.

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The Manufacturing Advantages Of Hexamethyldisiloxane