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The Safety Of Using Disposable Paper Bowl Deserves Attention

Paper bowls are characterized by safety, hygiene, lightness and convenience. It can be used in public places, restaurants and restaurants, and is a disposable product. Since the paper bowl came out, it has quickly become the most vital green tableware in the 21st century. International famous fast food chain stores have adopted the products of disposable paper bowl manufacturers.

Nowadays, people are convenient, which can save some time. People who work in office buildings are easy to eat, and they all call for takeout. And the general take-out is to use disposable paper bowl to hold food. The paper bowls are made of coated paper with single coating. Having a double coating. The price of double is higher. The coated paper is calculated by tons, not by sheets, because the paper is thin and thick.

However, disposable paper bowl can't be used for a long time, because in order to achieve the waterproof effect, the inner wall of disposable paper bowl will be coated with polyethylene waterproof film, which is the safest chemical in food processing. However, if the selected materials are not good or the processing technology is not satisfactory, polyethylene may be oxidized to carbonyl compounds during hot melting or smearing on paper bowls.

Carbonyl compounds are not volatile at room temperature, but they may volatilize when poured into hot water, so people will smell strange smell. Another water-repellent substance, wax, dissolves in water when it exceeds 40℃, which is harmful to health after long-term use. The paper bowls made in some workshops look white and clean. In fact, this is because of the addition of fluorescent whitening agents; Talcum powder can even be found on some disposable paper bowl. Paper bowl manufacturers say that using these paper bowls frequently will bring harm to human health.

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The Safety Of Using Disposable Paper Bowl Deserves Attention