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The development of embroidery technology

Embroidery is one of the early decorative elements. Under the long years of precipitation, the exquisite hand embroidery technique has been passed down to the present, and it has developed from the traditional embroidery that cannot be copied to the highly-replicated machine embroidery produced by the high speed embroidery machine. The embroidery patterns have changed from simple flowers and animals spread to splendid flowers.

The stitches of the embroidery machine fall together, and the effect is as beautiful as hand embroidery, and what embroiders is exquisite life. Embroidery is not only used as a decorative element. Compared with printing, embroidery will be more three-dimensional and full. It is uniquely flat and fine, from large-area tiles to small details, which can be seen everywhere in clothing matching.

As you all know, it is not easy to make an exquisite embroidery piece. The combination of software and hardware requires not only an artistic and experienced embroidery pattern designer but also the most outstanding and well-known embroidery software based on vector embroidery technology. And there are certain requirements for the precision selection of embroidery machine equipment, and a certain understanding of materials such as fabric structure shrinkage and auxiliary materials, and combined use can be mastered.

A perfect embroidery is not only about the use of stitches, but also the material, color, craftsmanship, and conception have become the most basic elements for judging an embroidery. A good embroidery has coarsely divided stitches, and those thread ends are knotted. Being hidden without a trace, the independent and beautiful charm determines the most soulful part of the embroidery itself.

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zhiyu · 58 days ago
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The development of embroidery technology