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The development status of computerized embroidery machines

Computerized embroidery machines are important equipment for the apparel and related auxiliary processing industries to increase the added value of products, and play a pivotal position in the industry. Since the introduction of electronic technology into the sewing machine field in 1975, sewing machines have kept pace with the times and entered the era of computer-controlled mechatronics. With the continuous development of numerical control technology, computerized embroidery machines are constantly updated and upgraded.

The main direction of the current development of computerized embroidery machines is high-speed and multi-functionalization, that is, by increasing the rotation speed of the main shaft to increase the reciprocating speed of the needle bar to achieve the purpose of increasing productivity. However, with the increase in the rotation speed of the main shaft, the traditional transmission mechanism has problems such as decreased motion accuracy, thread breakage rate, noise, and vibration, which seriously restricts the upgrading of embroidery machines.

The main motion detection of the embroidery machine becomes the prerequisite for solving the problem. Due to the complex structure of the machine head, the use of non-contact measurement can effectively avoid many drawbacks caused by contact measurement. Among them, the high-speed binocular video detection technology can realize the whole process detection without affecting the movement of the machine head, providing a reliable basis for improving the design of the embroidery machine head.

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24.03.2021 (92 days ago)
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The development status of computerized embroidery machines