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The invention of the hospital elevator is very important


The hospital elevator is a small machine room elevator specially designed for hospitals.

Medical care is a manifestation of human care, and the safety and quality of the hospital elevator is the first line of defense for medical transportation. Yongda Medical Elevator System is used in all kinds of modern medical institutions and convalescent institutions. The superposition of multiple protection systems constructs a three-dimensional and complete safety system chain from point to surface, allowing you to experience Yongda's sincere and delicate care and service in a comfortable and safe environment.


Medical elevator highlights 1. meet industry standards and requirements

Yongda Elevator has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 system certification. Fully meet the requirements of GB7588-2003 (including No. 1 amendment) and inspection regulations (including No. 2 amendments).

Medical elevator highlights 2. medical design

Special wide car doors and deep car designs are specially created for the needs of medical care, which can easily accommodate passengers, beds, and stretchers. The intelligent operation control system can automatically dispatch the car according to the passenger flow, greatly reducing the waiting time.

Highlights of the hospital elevator 3. smooth operation

The advanced "Yongda dual closed-loop variable frequency variable voltage VVVF speed control technology" can accurately calculate the running distance, automatically select a better running speed, and improve the running efficiency. The operation is not affected by the input voltage and load, and the car leveling is accurate.

Medical elevator highlights 4. comfortable and energy-saving

The "PM permanent magnet synchronous gearless motor" independently developed by Yongda not only greatly reduces noise, but also provides a more stable and comfortable operating process for medical care. The power consumption of the new generation of LED lighting systems is 10% of that of incandescent lamps and 50% of that of ordinary fluorescent lamps. The lighting effect is better and the energy consumption is lower.

If you want to know about other special-purpose elevators, you can click on the link below: bed elevator.

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The invention of the hospital elevator is very important