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The main points of choosing a custom adjustable desk

Custom adjustable desk is a desk with adjustable height that is exclusive to you. So, what is the difference between a traditional desk and a custom adjustable desk?

Traditional desk: The height and angle are fixed, and the human body is bent on the desk and chair. It is easy to cause eye, neck and back pressure due to improper viewing distance and sitting posture.

Custom-made adjustable desks: provide users with a beautiful and healthy learning environment, stimulate their interest in learning, and help people stay away from humpback myopia.

When choosing a desk, you must be strict about it. Here are a few key points for purchasing.

1. Safety comes first

2. The materials used should be environmentally friendly

3. The size selection is scientific

4. Smart color coordination

In addition, the choice of desk should be coordinated with other furniture in the room.

Shaoxing Contuo Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. are passionate about helping people get more done and feel better doing it. Our mission is the same: to help every person stay healthy, happy, and productive when they work. In addition, we have obtained certificates BIFMA, CE, ROHS, UL, SAA,TUV…... 40+ MODELS. 16 PATENTS ISSUED & PENDING.Selling well in all cities and provinces around China.

If you are interested in our custom adjustable desk, welcome to choose us!

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The main points of choosing a custom adjustable desk