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Tried and Tested Tips for Research Proposal Writing

Writing a thesis proposal can be very stressful and tiring. There are high chances that you will make several mistakes and some mistakes will go unnoticed by you. I used to get very nervous whenever I had to write a research proposal. You need to carefully plan your outline before your actual research proposal to make it presentable and acceptable. I have composed this article based on my experience. Now let me tell you a few tested tips for writing a research proposal.


Tested Tips

Once you have decided on the topic on which you are going to write is no doubt the hardest part of the whole process, then you can start writing your research proposal. Research proposal is a summary of your work that outlines your whole research. It identifies the research question of the research and the methods that you will use in your research.



First of all, gather all your relevant material and make an outline. Don’t skip this step. It is essential to start with an outline. If you can write your outline correctly then you can easily develop your proposal efficiently. It will streamline all your required information and you can add sequence wise in your proposal like a paper writing service writes for its clients.


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Add Literature review 

You need to reflect in your proposal that you as an essay writer should understand the process of research. Try adding relevant literature review so that your instructor would know that you are incorporating the relevant material in your actual research as well.



While writing a proposal for the first time, many of us don’t know where to start and what to do and what to write. The typical structure of the research proposal is


  • Abstract 

It is a small summary of the proposal and should address the significance of the work, hypothesis, and objectives of the proposal.


  • Introduction 

Introduction you will need to briefly introduce your topic and give a clear knowledge to your reader. A little background can also be part of the introduction to show the topic’s authenticity.


  • Literature review

Literature review is the previous information related to your topic which you have gathered. You need to mention previous research in your proposal just to show that you are going in the right direction. It will also support your research and your arguments which you will present in your proposal.


  • Thesis statement

It is the core of research. It directs you what must you include in your proposal. It is the main argument on which you will carry out your whole research. In short, your research will revolve around the thesis statement. This statement will show what your research is about. So, be very careful while developing your thesis statement.


  • Methodology

Discuss the method of research which you will adopt.


  • Conclusion

You will just add a single line that conclusions will be drawn after research.



To put together your proposal, you need to organize your material before writing it down. Many of us write research proposals without organizing them and end up with rejected thesis proposal. All you need is to organize it properly and then start your proposal by following the organized thoughts. If you are not good at planning just pay for essay and get it done.


Grammar Check 

Now roll up your sleeves and start writing your proposal. Write your proposal with concise and academic objectivity. Avoid grammatical mistakes such as using second-person pronouns. You can use first-person pronouns in thesis statements which refers to you but in the rest of the proposal don’t use them.



Read the proposal aloud and you will spot many mistakes in your proposal. You can then correct grammatical and structural errors. Make your proposal error-free while proofreading twice or thrice.


Remember your future depends on successful acceptance of your research proposal. Make sure that your research proposal is perfect. If you are worried about your proposal then there are many credible essay writing services available that you can ask them to write my essay; they will get your work done with accuracy and perfection.

 So, buckle up and start your search for writing services.


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Tried and Tested Tips for Research Proposal Writing