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WEBSTAR passenger elevator passed international quality certification

Today we will talk about passenger elevator safety common sense:

Elevator-type high-rise buildings are not short of straight transportation tools, it is a large-scale comprehensive equipment of mechatronics. In order to ensure its safety and reliability, the elevator has set up preventive measures from many aspects, such as electrical safety equipment and mechanical safety equipment. Among them, electrical safety equipment includes: power supply control and maintenance equipment, power supply phase sequence maintenance equipment, door lock electrical interlocking equipment, overspeed maintenance switches, overload maintenance switches, limit switches, safety window switches, etc. Mechanical safety equipment includes brakes, speed limiters, safety gears, buffers, door hook locks, door safety touch panels, etc.

Basic requirements for passenger elevator maintenance:

1. The safety maintenance equipment of the elevator must be sensitive. When the safety maintenance equipment fails, the elevator should not be put into normal operation.

2. Each component and the connecting fasteners between the components should be strong without looseness.

3. The parts of the working and moving parts should be smooth and outstanding, without jamming, and there should be enough oil in the gearbox and smooth equipment. The lubricating oil must meet the requirements of elevator manufacturers.

4. The covers, covers, parts, fasteners, etc. on all parts and equipment, switches and components should be intact.

The common problems and causes of the passenger elevator mechanical system are as follows:

1. Due to poor smoothness or smooth system problems, the rolling parts of the components are severely heated and worn or hung on the shaft, causing the parts of the rolling or sliding parts to be destroyed.

2. Due to the frequent use of elevators, some parts are worn and aged, and the maintenance is not in place. Failure to replace or correct the worn parts in time, resulting in further expansion of damage, forcing the elevator to stop.

3. Some fastening screws are loosened or loosened due to vibration during elevator operation, which makes certain parts, especially moving parts, work abnormally, resulting in elevator damage.

4. Because the elevator balance coefficient is out of adjustment, or severe overload causes large car vibrations or poor leveling accuracy, the elevator speed is out of control, or even the top or bottom, causing the speed limiter safety gear to link and the elevator to stop.

WEBSTAR is a professional passenger elevator factory. All elevators have passed the safety and quality certification of international organizations, so you can choose with confidence.

Webstar · 62 days ago
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WEBSTAR passenger elevator passed international quality certification