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What are the fancy styles of oxford fabric?

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and trade of Oxford cloth and apparel fabrics. Our products include Oxford cloth, jacquard cloth, etc., and its applications range from clothing to luggage, luggage and other outdoor sports goods. We also have the business of oxford fabric for sale.

The material of Oxford cloth is relatively good, and it also has many types, such as checkered, nylon, full stretch, and tige.

Oxford cloth uses fine combed high-count yarns as double warps, and thicker weft yarns are interwoven with a flat weave. Soft color, soft cloth body, good air permeability, comfortable to wear, easy to wash and quick-drying, mostly used as shirts, sportswear and pajamas.

There are many varieties of products, including plain color, bleaching, color warp and white weft, color warp and color weft, medium and light color strip patterns, etc.; there are also polyester-cotton yarns woven. The relevant quality and performance of the fabric can be tested by related testing equipment, such as tensile strength testing with material tensile testing machine, composite strength testing with peeling testing machine, color fastness testing with friction testing machine and thickness testing with thickness gauge.

Oxford cloth is relatively softer and more comfortable, and most of the Oxford cloth is made of polyester-cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn, which has a better hand feeling and better moisture absorption. Oxford cloth products have the characteristics of bright colors, excellent elasticity, light and wear resistance, and good corrosion resistance; the products are coated with waterproof, flame retardant, PU, PV or Yuli glue to make bags, tents, strollers, shoes The main materials for storage, storage, etc.

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What are the fancy styles of oxford fabric?