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What is the best vacuum cleaner that money can buy?

What is the best vacuum cleaner that money can buy?

On March 27, 2019, Dyson, one of the Top rated best vacuum cleanersreleased the V11, including the Animal, Torque Drive, and Absolute. There is no performance gap between a full-size corded upright or canister and a lightweight cordless vacuum when it comes to Dyson’s V11. Let’s examine how The Torque Drive deserves its price tag as the best vacuum on the market.

A quick look:

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

  • Stick vacuum
  • Bagless
  • 6.68 lbs.
  • Cordless
  • Motor-driven brush bar
  • HEPA filtration
  • 7-cell rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Best for Carpets & hard floors
  • 2-year warranty

Exceptional cleaning performance:

  • V11’s suction power is claimed and proven to be double that of any cord-free vacuum. Torque Drive has three power modes: Eco offers the longest-running time with the lowest suction powerBoost has the highest suction power for a short time, and Auto is in the middle with the running time and suction levels can be automatically adjusted. A sensor that is built into the High Torque cleaner head and is not currently found in other vacuum tools allows the motor to adjust the speed based on the floor type.
  • The 14-cyclone motor generates forces of 79,000g to suck up all microscopic particles into the bin. Moreover, the in-line configuration in which the motor, container, and cyclone are aligned allows air to be directly drawn into the cyclones is another element of creating the durable Dyson power.
  • motor-driven brush bar that runs up to 60 times a second vacuums deeply into high-pile carpets and excellently on hard floors. Especially the suction power in Boost mode up to 185 AW, which is the highest level for stick vacuums up to now.
  • V11 runs quietly with only 71 decibels of noise in Boost mode.

Intelligence in its operation with the real-time report: The LCD control panel on the handheld’s backside displays all the necessary settings including language choices, filter setting, cleaning reminders, blockage alerts, cleaning mode choices, current cleaning mode, remaining time, and battery status. It also offers short tutoring clips on how to fix problems if they happen.

V11’s battery Best vacuum cleaner for home, which is the largest among Dyson stick vacuums, includes 7-cell rechargeable nickel-cobalt-aluminum pack with the “fade-free power” offering a consistent power level until depleting the battery and turning off the vac. Dyson’s battery technology and battery-saving trigger help deliver the longest run time. The tests running time meets Dyson’s claims for Eco and Auto, but outperforms for Boost. However, the battery still needs more upgrades in the future related to its battery charging time (about 4.5 hours now) and the inability to swap out the battery.

  Eco Auto Boots
Dyson’s claim 60 min 40 min 6 min
Tested 55 min 14 sec 44 min 17 sec 12 min 52 sec


The V11 is lightweight at just 6.68 pounds, although recorded as the heaviest among the Dyson cordless models because of the large battery pack. However, it is still light enough to lift with one hand.

Dyson model Weight
V7 ~5.3 lbs.
V8 ~5.75 lbs.
V10 ~5.9 lbs.
V11 ~6.68 lbs.


Whole-machine filtration with a fully-sealed system and HEPA filter traps 99.97% of particles and expels cleaner air. It also comes with a hygienic bin emptying system that allows you to empty the bin without touching the dirt and debris.

The V11 Torque Drive, which is attached to an advanced motor, an upgraded powerful battery, a modern look, a lightweight design, and a number of other technologies, compromises the outperforming suction power in the long run time. Up to now, the V11 is the closest in the stick vacuum line to full-size vacuum cleaning capacity. What stops many people from loving this unit is its expensive price tag, which Dyson is also known for. At the time of this review, it cost $500 Best vacuum cleaners: The vacuum cleaners you need to buy.

Finally, it is difficult to find a best match when shopping for a vacuum cleaner if you do not know what you are looking for. You must consider the weight, suction power, corded or cordless design, bagged or bagless option, HEPA level filter, and price of course. With the Dyson V11 Torque, all the best features come into a single machine if you do not mind paying the high price.



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What is the best vacuum cleaner that money can buy?