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Why choose computerized sewing machine

The computerized sewing machines are controlled by a microcomputer and can automatically complete the set sewing work. Such as automatic seam, automatic adjustment of sewing thread tension of thick and thin sewing material, automatic speed change, automatic torque change, automatic thread trimming, automatic needle compensation and so on.

Choosing a high-quality computerized sewing machine is usually selected from four aspects: listening, watching, checking and testing.

① listen

When idling and with a load, listen to the sound of the motor and internal parts when it is running. The sound should be uniform, stable, and soft, and there should be no irregular noise and abnormal noise.


When the needle bar moves up and down at slow, medium, and high speeds, each component should move back and forth evenly and flexibly.


The fit of each part of the machine should be tightly touched and pressed by hands with relative moving parts, and there should be no looseness or movement jamming. All links can operate smoothly.


Put on the thread when trying it out, try to sew the stitches of different patterns with fabrics of different thicknesses. It should be neat and even, without jumpers and stitches, and the adjustment should be flexible, uniform and convenient.

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Why choose computerized sewing machine