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As a special auxiliary equipment for cargo loading and unloading, hydraulic car lift has been widely used in various industries and places. The height of the front end of the dock can be adjusted according to the height of the truck compartment. The cargo can be loaded and unloaded into the carriage very smoothly by car lift, and the whole truck loading and unloading of the cargo can be realized by only one person. Efficiency. So what are the characteristics of fixed car lift that can be widely used in the market?
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Pay attention to the following points when moving a portable freight elevator: 1. Pay attention to the sound of the crane when using it, and reduce the lifting weight when the weather is hot. 2. Frequently check the operation of the exhaust fan, maintain air convection, and increase the heat dissipation effect of the small crane. 3. When the weather is hot, the casing of the machine can be removed to better allow the machine to dissipate heat. 4. Try to install the machine in a cool place for lifting. 5. Lubricate
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