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Custom adjustable desk is a desk with adjustable height that is exclusive to you. So, what is the difference between a traditional desk and a custom adjustable desk? Traditional desk: The height and angle are fixed, and the human body is bent on the desk and chair. It is easy to cause eye, neck and back pressure due to improper viewing distance and sitting posture. Custom-made adjustable desks: provide users with a beautiful and healthy learning environment, stimulate their interest in learning, and help people sta
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Huzhou Onsun E-Sport Industry Technology Co.,LTD specializes in the production of game tables. We have ergonomic gaming tables, customized gaming computer tables and adjustable height gaming desk. Now, let’s talk about the adjustable height gaming desk. The most common form of game table is a variant of ergonomic table, which has some special functions and enough space for handwriting. The adjustable height gaming desk is based on ergonomic design. When in use, you can adjust the height of the game table according
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More and more people choose to use a custom adjustable desk, which is due to the superiority of the standing desk itself. First, a standing desk can improve posture Although most people know that the correct sitting posture is to straighten the back, feet are flat on the floor, and your hands fall naturally on the keyboard, but in fact few people use this standard sitting posture while working. Bad posture can cause many health problems, such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, shoulder and neck fatigue, etc. The
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