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Hexamethyldisiloxane  Manufacturers introduced that dimethyl silicone oil is non-toxic to the human body and is not decomposed by body fluids, so it is widely used in medical and health undertakings. Medical methyl silicone oil (100~1000mPa·s) has special standards in the United States and Japan, and my country has also been listed in the pharmacopoeia. Mainly used as an additive for external medicine and a component of gastrointestinal medicine, it has been put into practical use, but silicone oil cannot be used i
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Hexamethyldisiloxane is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with a melting point of -68.2°C and a boiling point of 100.5°C measured at 1013 hPa. The vapor pressure measured at 20 oC is 44.51 hPa. The water solubility measured at 23 oC is 0.93±0.63 mg/L. The log Kow of HMDS measured at 20 oC is 5.20. The log Koc value estimated using EPISuite v 4.10 ranges from 2.5 (MCI method) to 4.5 (Kow method). Since Episuite does not contain siloxane fragments for log Koc prediction, these values ​​​​should be treate
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The method for preparing Hexamethyldisiloxane includes the following steps: adding chlorotrimethylsilane dropwise to water for hydrolysis reaction, separating the lower layer of concentrated acid water after the completion of the reaction, washing and filtering the upper oil phase to obtain a crude product and refining it. The product obtains high-quality hexamethyldisiloxane.According to this method, hexamethyldisiloxane is prepared by hydrolyzing chlorotrimethylsilane. In the whole preparation process, the use of
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