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Innovative Silicone  Manufacturer introduces the use of potassium methyl silicate: 1. Used in underground civil air defense projects such as culverts, bridges, dams, tunnels, large hydropower stations, diversion projects, etc., to reduce water erosion and prevent weathering. 2. Used in various pools such as swimming pools, clean pools, sewage tanks, water towers, etc. 3. For artificial or natural stone materials: limestone, sandstone, pre-cast artificial stone, ceramic floor, etc. to reduce the influence of weather
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Innovative Silicone manufacturer introduces the connection between Silicone and acne? Silicone is a substance derived from silica (sand is silica). Silicone has unique flow characteristics that make it extremely slippery, and in various forms, it feels like silk on the skin, imparts emollient properties to the skin, and even when the skin becomes wet A water binder that holds well. In other forms, it is also widely used for wound healing and improving the appearance of scars. Silicone and acneThe claim that no form
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1. Viscosity. Explanation of scientific and technological terms: The volumetric characteristics of liquid, pseudo-liquid or pseudo-solid matter against flow, that is, the internal friction or internal flow resistance between molecules when it flows under the action of external force. Under normal circumstances, viscosity is directly proportional to hardness. 2. Hardness. The ability of a material to locally resist hard objects pressed into its surface is called hardness. Silicone rubber has a Shore hardness range o
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