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Roller Shutter Tubular Motor Manufacturers introduces the installation skills of the wiring position of the electric screen: 1. From the perspective of home use: tend to be installed below. It can be connected with other electrical appliances or plug-in boards when needed. It is not recommended to install on the top. This is neither beautiful, but also saves the budget for hydropower transformation. Objectively speaking, compared with the decoration value of your entire room, the telescreen is only a small part. Th
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Roller Shutter Tubular Motor Manufacturers introduces the electric opening and closing curtain system mainly includes tubular motor system, control system, track system and decorative curtain, etc. The current motor system uses DC motor drive, AC motor drive and other methods. DC tubular motors generally use built-in or external power transformers, but the driving power is generally small, the curtains that can load are lighter, the noise is relatively small, and the control circuit is more complicated; Electric op
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Now, the application of smart curtain motor is more and more extensive. Hangzhou Wistar Mechanical & Electric Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the production and sales of smart curtain motors. Our products have been well received by our customers. Here is a model of our company's WSCMI smart curtain motor. Basic technical parameters: Rated voltage: DC12V Rated power: 48W Rated current: 4.0A Protection level: IP40 Size: 40 * 40 * 258mm Charging method: rechargeable battery DCB007 / adapter charging 12V / 3A There
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The tubular motor is composed of a stroke part, a motor part, and a deceleration part. The three parts work in a round tube, hence the name. What is the working principle of the tubular motor? Its stroke part controls the upper and lower limits of the motor. The motor part is responsible for the operation of the motor. In addition, the deceleration part mostly uses planetary deceleration to reduce the speed of the motor while increasing the output torque. Here are some features of tubular motors: 1. Tubular motors
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