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Speaking of home elevators, I believe everyone knows that when many villas are being renovated, home elevators are installed in their homes, especially for those with children in their homes, which brings great convenience to life. There are many elevators, the same elevators have different prices, so what are the factors that affect the price of home elevators? Today the elevator maintenance company will answer this question for you: 1. Material reasons The price of imported elevators is different from that of dom
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Today we will talk about passenger elevator safety common sense: Elevator-type high-rise buildings are not short of straight transportation tools, it is a large-scale comprehensive equipment of mechatronics. In order to ensure its safety and reliability, the elevator has set up preventive measures from many aspects, such as electrical safety equipment and mechanical safety equipment. Among them, electrical safety equipment includes: power supply control and maintenance equipment, power supply phase sequence mainten
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In the current home elevator market, several types of elevators, such as traction elevators, screw elevators, and hydraulic elevators, have their own merits and have their own fans. Specific to a certain type of elevator, which conditions are applicable and what are the advantages? Let’s talk about hydraulic home elevator today. The early home elevators were basically hydraulic elevators, especially in developed countries in Europe and America, most villa owners would install a hydraulic home elevator. If the domes
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A freight elevator, as the name implies, is an elevator for unloading and transporting goods. We all know that there are many elevator accidents. Therefore, in order to regulate the safe operation of the freight elevator and ensure the safety and normal operation of the elevator, the freight elevator must be used with caution. So what are the regulations on the use of freight elevators? Basic precautions for the safe operation of freight elevator: 1. The operator must be familiar with the general structure and perf
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  The hospital elevator is a small machine room elevator specially designed for hospitals. Medical care is a manifestation of human care, and the safety and quality of the hospital elevator is the first line of defense for medical transportation. Yongda Medical Elevator System is used in all kinds of modern medical institutions and convalescent institutions. The superposition of multiple protection systems constructs a three-dimensional and complete safety system chain from point to surface, allowing you to experie
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With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, elevators have brought great convenience to our lives. At present, conventional elevators are mainly divided into two types, one is hydraulic elevator, the other is traction elevator, then villa How to choose the elevator? 1. Choose a villa elevator with a suitable structure Villa elevators are different from commercial large elevators. The residential structure determines that villa elevators generally adopt a machine
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Different types of elevators have different functions during actual use. When using villa elevators, you can also look at the decoration style of the entire house. After confirming the specific decoration style, we can also make a better choice to truly make the elevator usable in the villa better. You can choose a view-type elevator. Many villas rely on the surrounding environment is very good, so when choosing an elevator, you can see how the observation type elevator is used. In addition to better viewing, it ca
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Pay attention to the following points when moving a portable freight elevator: 1. Pay attention to the sound of the crane when using it, and reduce the lifting weight when the weather is hot. 2. Frequently check the operation of the exhaust fan, maintain air convection, and increase the heat dissipation effect of the small crane. 3. When the weather is hot, the casing of the machine can be removed to better allow the machine to dissipate heat. 4. Try to install the machine in a cool place for lifting. 5. Lubricate
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The freight elevator is frequently used and needs to be checked daily and maintained regularly. Only in this way can it really bring convenience to people's social life and improve work efficiency. 1. For newly installed elevators, the quality guarantee period of the elevator manufacturer is first (usually 1-2 years). 2. The daily maintenance of the elevator should be carried out by a professional team). 3. Maintenance should implement "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations", "Elevator Supervision and In
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How does the villa elevator ensure the safety of the sightseeing elevator, and what things need to be done well? In the process of using the sightseeing elevator, safety issues are very important. Only when we can truly ensure a safe future through the correct way can we avoid many accidents The situation is only when we want to ensure safety, what aspects need to be done more in place. Many people do not know much about these specific situations, so it will cause various impacts. If you want to ensure safer use of
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